Root Droid X


Don't understand adb? Don't have a computer?? That must mean its impossible to root your phone right??? Wrong!!!!

This tutorial is a easy way to root your Droid X from your phone!
No ADB or computer necessary ^_^

Before you begin this you need to enable your phone to install apks from unknown sources.
To do so tap menu and select settings. Then select Applications and check the Unknown Sources Box.

First download the Visionary Plus Apk and install it to your phone.

Open the app once installed and select the perm root option. (It may ask you to run the temp root option first just to make sure it works on your phone ok). after its done congratulations you're rooted! 

That was easy huh lol.

Next since Motorola decided they wanted to be douches and encrypt the boot loader you have to download and install the BootStrap Recovery.